Advantages of “Practic” series indicators


The range of “Practic” short-circuit indicators is formed taking into account the presence ore absence of functions – characteristics, in order to reduce the cost, eliminate unnecessary functions that may not be in the customer’s TOR and, as a result, obtain competitive advantages in the purchase of such devices . In addition to the standard functions and characteristics of traditional devices, such as ultra-bright indication, ease of installation and dismantling (without turning off the voltage on the overhead line), work in the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol, signal transmission via GSM, IP68 protection degree (strong atmospheric effects) requirements of GOST 14254-96 (National Standard), at temperature from -50°С to +70°С, etc., the most advanced models have significant advantages.

Advantages of SCI-OPL35 Pro S (short-circuit indicator for overhead power lines with voltage up to 35 kV, registers interphase circuit, single-phase earth fault, with data transfer to Smart systems):

  • The basic set consists of three indicators with a built-in data transmission system via GSM through the leading SCI. The set does not include a separate block for collecting and transmitting information. Installation is not required, therefore the costs for installation work and commissioning are reduced. Vandalism is eliminated in relation to this block on a transmission line stand, which is not energized in traditional similar systems.
  • SCI operation in a special design can be performed at -50°С (while the minimum declared temperatures of similar devices is -40°С), which is achieved by eliminating electrolytic capacitors and using only special tantalum capacitors that work as tests have shown in extreme conditions. In addition, to expand the operating range into the negative zone, a backup power supply is provided.
  • The power scheme has two circuits: the main one has a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery of a special design with charging from the load current of the overhead line, operating at -40 ° C and a backup one with a special lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) power supply, operating at -50°C. The warranty period of the power supply is 7 years. Analogs claim 7 years in a standby mode.
  • A multi-factorial algorithm is used to determine the type of damage and the direction to the place of damage from the indicator installation place, which allows you to implement any setpoints and eliminate false alarms.
  • Provides information exchange both between indicators and self-diagnostics of the kit sending messages about the status of the SCI according to a specified schedule.
  • Transfer of information about an accident or a status of the SCI is carried out via GSM channel, using one SIM-card in the leading SCI of the set.
  • Storage of information is provided to the extent necessary about emergency events on overhead lines recorded by the SCI in the memory of the SCI and the controller.
  • The ability of the SCI to determine the ground fault on overhead lines with short circuit currents from 0.5A is ensured, which is confirmed by the results of pilot operation in electric grid companies, in particular, during the pilot operation at Lukoil-Energoseti LLC. This characteristic is a significant advantage of the SCI of the Practic series.
  • The advantages described above significantly distinguish the advanced devices “SCI-OPL35 Pro S” of the “Practice” series from competitors and analogues, including foreign ones, as they are specially designed to work on overhead lines with an isolated and compensated neutral mode (in Europe, as a rule, dead-earthed neutral), as well as for operation in harsh climatic conditions.