Systems of commercial electric energy metering

Systems of commercial electric energy metering

The products presented below are unique measuring devices implemented using a special technology, which made it possible to significantly reduce the weight and size of the equipment. Because of this it became possible to organize autonomous commercial electric power accounting systems directly on power transmission towers, at tap points or at the entrance portal of existing substations or switchgear, without the need of expanding, and at the same time without the need for significant costs.

The need for accurate commercial accounting of costs during the transportation of electricity is necessary to ensure: the most accurate picture of losses, protection against non-admission of electricity, in order to increase business profitability, to improve the accuracy of mutual settlements and eliminate disputes.

The catalog contains products used in the organization of commercial accounting of electricity in networks of 6-10-15-20-35-110 kV in order to increase observability when creating digital networks and modernizing automated information-measuring system for accounting of energy resources, automated information and measuring system for technical accounting of electricity. Traditionally, transformer substations are used to account for electricity losses, however, the separation boundary of the balance accessory may not pass through the substation, it often happens that the separation boundary of the balance accessory passes through the tap or there are several consumers on the tap, often such substations do not have current and voltage windings that meet the requirements of commercial accounting, in such situations there is no possibility of organizing commercial accounting. The products presented in this catalog are capable of measuring current and voltage at any point in the network due to their small dimensions, low weight, as well as the use of only solid insulation and original design solutions. Measurements are made using classical methods: current is measured by means of a current transformer, voltage – by a high-precision voltage divider of the original design.

i-TOR innovative solutions for commercial energy metering already have successful experience in operation, which is confirmed by a very extensive list of completed projects, also mentioned in this catalog. ООО “Practic-Novator” is the official distributor of i-TOR products – autonomous measuring devices implemented using a unique technology. Our company provides a range of services for the successful implementation of i-TOR projects – autonomous points of commercial accounting of electricity costs anywhere in the network, including technical support, design, installation, warranty and post-warranty service.


Advantages of systems of commercial electric energy metering

Table of technical characteristics (i-TOR-6(24)U-1-PN, i-TOR-6(24)U-2-PN)

Comparative table of technical characteristics (e-TOR-110-PN, i-TOR-110-PN, i-TOR-35-PN)