Point of commercial electricity metering OptiRM-10 (6, 15, 20)

Point of commercial electricity metering OptiRM-10 (6, 15, 20)

Remote point of commercial accounting 6, 10, 15, 20 kV based on small-sized electronic current and voltage transformers TECV-L1

The company develops and manufactures technical solutions for the organization of commercial accounting on the line 6, 10, 15, 20 kV based on electronic measuring current and voltage transformers.

Light weight dimensions of ETTN TECV-L1 provide easy installation on 6-20 kV transmission line towers.

OptiRM provides operation as part of automated control systems and electricity metering for the transfer of measured and calculated parameters to the control room for monitoring, metering and distribution of electrical energy.


■ Possibility of installation without breaking the wire
■ High accuracy, extended current and voltage measurement range
■ Safe operation when secondary circuits are broken
■ Easy connection with sealed connector
■ Control of unauthorized access
■ Remote configuration and software updates over the air
■ Built-in power take-off from the high-voltage network
■ Touch display for monitoring readings
■ Remote collection of readings via 4G, 3G channels,
■ Support for standard transmission protocols
data and integration into existing systems
■ Multi-tariff accounting in direct and reverse
■ Event logging and self-diagnosis
measuring channels
■ Expansion of user functions using programmable logic