i-TOR-35-PN is a digital, combined, maintenance-free current and voltage transformer for a 35 kV powerlines, a full-featured analogue of traditional electromagnetic current and voltage transformer kits designed for commercial energy metering in high-voltage powerlines. The solutions applied during its creation provide resistance to external environmental factors, which allows installation not only at substations – in a support version, but also on any anchor support of a power line – in a suspended version. i-TOR-35-PN is able to solve the problem of organizing electricity metering at the actual boundaries of the balance sheet in 35 kV high-voltage poweline, which significantly improves the quality and reliability of metering and power line observability.

Advantages of i-TOR-35-PN device:

● ability to work in any spatial position;

● possibility to organize a metering device at any point of the network, including on a power transmission line support;

● immunity to ferroresonant phenomena;

● lack of gas and oil insulation in the design;

● device has a high class of accuracy of current and voltage changes;

● interaction with any types of meters and integration with any any automated information-measuring system for accounting of energy resources.

Power line equipped with i-TOR-35-PN