Advantages of systems of commercial electric energy metering

Advantages of systems of commercial electric energy metering

● Innovation

combined current and voltage meters for networks with a high accuracy class

● Simplicity

complete galvanic isolation from the power line due to the optical data link, simple and reliable design

● Compact

the current and voltage meter has unique weight and size indicators and can operate in any spatial position

● Adaptability

interacts with any type of meters and USPD for the simplest possible integration into existing automatic metering system

● Autonomy

due to the low power consumption of the measuring complex and original solutions that use the energy of a high-voltage power line, it becomes possible to organize an autonomous metering point at any point in the power line

● Versatility

work in any spatial position, can be used as a commercial metering unit at a substation or in any power line, providing both commercial and technical accounting

● Availability

the use of original methods and technologies allows the production to be comparable in cost to classical electromagnetic current and voltage transformers

● Reliability

taking into account the experience gained over the years in the installation and operation of the metering system, the company has developed and implemented a modification of the device in a special design, which provides facilitating and increasing the reliability of installation and maintenance during operation, for which a special marking “PN” has been introduced – a device of “increased reliability”

Solving complex problems

the company’s experts have experience in solving the most complex, non-standard tasks for organizing commercial accounting systems at facilities at any necessary point, we are ready to offer solutions for special tasks with all our engineering and creative skills and experience, as well as our knowledge of modern methods and means for organizing technical and commercial accounting

● Individual approach

the company develops and publishes albums of standard design solutions, individual design solutions by the request of the customer, we organize and conduct seminars, trainings to obtain standard designs and resolve other issues, you can contact us for the specified details