The devices are used on overhead power lines 6-20 kV and other electric grid facilities (disconnectors, package transformer substations, etc.). The design of APZU-E3/2-650 combines the properties of an anti-additive device and a device to prevent nesting of large birds on electrical installations that cause emergency situations.

Voltage class: 6-20 kV.


The kit is a combination of insulating and anti-additive type devices, the composite design of the APZU-E3 / 2-650 bird protection device forms a cascade of several tiers of radial-beam spokes directed downward from the vertical rod. Device is designed to protect birds from electric shock on transmission lines stands.

Kit composition:

Clamp – 1 pc., rod – 3 pcs., base – 2 pcs., knitting needle – 16 pcs., tip – 1 pc., M10 bolt – 3 pcs., M10 nut – 3 pcs., fuel dispenser cap – 6 pcs. , worm-drive clamp – 6 pcs., installation manual – 1 pc. for the party.

Overall dimensions (assembly), mm (height x diameter):

1007.5 x 658.5

Weight, kg :


The fundamental difference between the APZU-E3/2-650 from the existing analogues of anti-bird anti-additive barriers lies in the special “umbrella-cone-shaped” structure of the multi-beam “crown” of the product, which ensures the sliding of the nest-building material brought by birds and excludes the possibility of its laying on the protected areas of the traverse , insulators, end faces of support posts, surfaces of transformer stations, outdoor switchgear, etc. The adaptability of the APZU-E3/2-650 design according to the principle of mounting molding (quick adjustment of the length of the spokes in place) ensures full compatibility of the APZU with various designs of elements of electrical fittings and equipment.


The device can be packed in cardboard boxes, polypropylene fabric bags.