The PZU-6-10kV-GB set is used on overhead power lines with a voltage of 6-20 kV and is installed on pin and support line insulators (SHF-10; ShF-20; ShF-20 UO; ShS-10; ShS-20; ShTIZ- 10V; ShTIZ-20V; ShS-10ED; ShST-10ED; ShS-20UD; ShST-20UD; Shtiz 10; OLF, their modifications and analogues) with a head wire knitting. Insulator ShSK-12.5-20-2 (version 2-3) with both head and side knitting wires of end, intermediate supports and branch supports.

Voltage class: 6-20 kV


PZU-6-10kV-GB is a prefabricated device, it consists of a one-piece hood and two corrugated sleeves, it is attached to the overhead line wire using special internal clips.

The composition of the device kit:

– hood – 1 pc.;
– corrugated sleeve – 2 pcs.;
– means of fastening clip – 6 pcs.;
– installation manual – 1 pc. per batch of PZU.

Overall dimensions – 1544 x 146 x 117 (length x width x height).

Weight, kg – 0.480; 0.685 (NG).


The design of the PZU-6-10kV-GB device allows installation on overhead lines using an operational rod from the ground, from an aerial platform, without removing the voltage.
Devices that they are properly installed and used properly reduce the number of bird deaths from electric shock on overhead lines.
The device can also be made of non-combustible material and be marked NG.

Power transmission line pole equipped with PZU-6-10kV-GB