It is used to isolate bare wire and retrofit devices PZU-6-10kV-ML-2, PZU-6-10kV-U-2, PZU-6-10kV-PS-2, PZU-6-10kV-LK, PZU-6- 10kV-TR. PZU-6-10kV-MGLB-M is designed for installation on the wire of 6-20kV overhead lines as a signal marker in the middle of the span, one device per phase.

Voltage class: from 6 kV

Short description:

The design of the device includes a system of locks for reliable connection between each other, which allows you to quickly and reliably increase the length of the ROM if necessary, as well as to isolate individual sections of the bare wire. It is completed with three variants of fasteners: internal clip (KL); external latch (short circuit); clamp-screed (KS).

The composition of the device kit:

– corrugated sleeve white – 1 pc.,

– corrugated sleeve red – 1 pc.,

– black corrugated sleeve – 1 pc.,

– ZMI-2 clip fastener – 9 pcs.,

– installation manual – 1 pc. per batch of PZU.

Overall dimensions, mm:

670 x 57 x 52 (length x width x height).

Weight, kg – 0.47; 0.63 (NG).


The unique flexibility of the corrugated sleeve allows you to protect any angle of rotation of the wire. Special grooves for docking, reliable locks and three types of fasteners – all these advantages allow you to significantly expand the options for using this insulating device.

PZU-6-10kV-MGLB device on overhead power line