A device is used for installation on intermediate, end and sobering supports with pin insulation with lateral tying of wires, including with fastening.

Voltage class: 6-20 kV


PZU-6-10kV-ML-2 is a prefabricated device, it consists of a one-piece hood and two corrugated sleeves, it is attached to the overhead line wire using internal reusable fasteners – clips. PZU-6-10kV-ML-2(KZ) is a prefabricated device, consists of a one-piece hood and two corrugated sleeves, fastened to the wire using external latches.

The composition of the device kit:

– hood of the bird protection device – 1 pc.;

– sleeve of the bird protection device – 2 pcs.;

– a means of fastening the ROM on the wires (reusable latch or tie) – 6 pcs.;

– operation manual – 1 pc. per batch of PZU.

Overall dimensions:

1415 x 155 x 141 mm; (length x width x height).

Weight, kg (no more than):

PZU-6-10-kV-ML-2 – 0.410 kg;

PZU-6-10-kV-ML-2 (KZ) – 0.450 kg.

The purpose of the devices is to prevent the death of birds of all size groups from electric shock.

Along with the direct purpose, the devices have the useful property of protecting insulators from the negative effects of the environment (precipitation, ultraviolet radiation), pollution by bird droppings and other aggressive impurities of various substances contained in the atmosphere.

Installation of devices reduces the number of emergency shutdowns of power lines and extends the life of insulators.

The devices are made of polymeric materials that are durable and resistant to a wide range of environmental factors, so that the devices retain their mechanical characteristics and shape under long-term exposure to low and high temperatures.

The high dielectric properties of the material and the design parameters of the casings provide reliable insulation of the current-carrying wire in the zone of its attachment to the insulator, excluding various combinations of dangerous interaction of birds with grounded parts of the support and adjacent phase wires.

The PZU-6-10kV-ML-2 (KZ) device is a composite casing that is fixed on the overhead line wire using ties or reusable fasteners – ZMI-1 latches.

The PZU-6-10kV-ML-2 device is prefabricated, consists of a one-piece hood and two corrugated sleeves, is attached to the overhead line wire using ZMI-2 internal latches.

Power transmission line poles equipped with PZU-6-10kV-ML-2.