It is used for installation on tension clamps used on overhead lines from 6 to 35 kV (NZ-60/11-17; NB-2-6; NB-60/11-16; NB-90/15-22; NKK-60/4 -10; NKK-120/11-14) and their analogues.

Voltage class: 6-20 kV


PZU-6-10kV-NB device is prefabricated, it is a polymer insulating body in the form of a case with an anti-additive comb in its upper part, and two corrugated sleeves. The case is delivered assembled. In the case of installing PZU-6-10kV-NB on a power line with a SIP wire, corrugated sleeves are not required.

The composition of the device kit:

– case – 1 pc.,

– corrugated sleeve – 2 pcs.,

– means of fixing the clip – 6 pcs.,

– installation manual – 1 pc. per batch of PZU.

Overall dimensions, mm – 1452*100*692 (length x width x height).

Weight, kg – 0.700; 0.950 (NG).


Design versatility – it is installed on the tension clamps of the most common models used on overhead lines from 6 to 35 kV.
Integrity – is delivered in a form ready for installation.
Ease of installation – the protective case consists of two parts connected to each other from below by axial hinges, which allows you to open and close the doors of the box, there are latches in the upper part for reliable locking of the structure.
The anti-additive comb is formed by two rows of interlocking spokes that close the technological slot in the protective casing, which increases the protective functions of the device.
The length of the spokes, if necessary, can be easily adjusted by forming trimming.

Power transmission pole equipped with PZU-6-10kV-NB