The PZU-6-10kV-TR device is used for installation on poles with disconnectors, PZU-6-10kV-TR(RLK) – for installation on poles with disconnectors and on poles with walk-throughs insulators.

Voltage class: 6-20 kV


The kit is a set of insulating elements that protect all open contacts of the RLND-10 disconnector and bushings KTP 10/0.4 kV. The maximum protective effect is achieved by replacing the loops of non-insulated wires with insulated wires of the SIP-3 type or by insulating the wires with self-baking tape so that the distance from the unprotected section of the wire to the grounded parts of the RLND-10 and KTP is at least 700 mm. If there are pin insulators with unprotected input loops on the transformer substation, the corresponding models of PZU of an insulating type should be used (for example, PZU-6-10kV-ML-2).

Kit composition:
– casing of the movable contact PZU-6-10kV-TRP – 3 pcs.;
– casing of fixed contact PZU-6-10kV-TRN – 3 pcs.;
– cap PZU-6-10kV-TRK – 9 pcs.;
– means of fastening – 9 pcs.;
– operation manual – 1 pc. per batch of PZU.

Overall dimensions, mm:

PZU-6-10kV-TR – 111 x 94 x 120 (length x width x height ± 3 mm).

Weight of the set, kg (no more than) – 2.6.

The PZU-6-10kV-TR set is designed to protect birds from electric shock on poles with disconnectors (RLND-10), as well as on the inputs of current-carrying wires in 10/0.4 kV PTS with bushing insulators.


Protection of all open contacts of the RLND-10 disconnector and bushings of KTP 10/0.4 kV.

Devices can also be made of non-combustible material and be marked NG.





Power transmission poles equipped with PZU-6-10kV-TR.